Vape products are one of the fastest growing segments in the cannabis industry and vaporizer hardware is required to keep up with market demand. For example, according to data collected by Eaze, vape cart sales in 2016 grew by over 400%, accounting for nearly one quarter – 25%! – of all sales in California. Data from other markets also show significant gains, with Colorado, Washington, and Oregon showing an average growth rate in 2016 of 75%.

None of this, of course, should come as a big surprise. To begin, vaping is significantly – significantly – more convenient than flower. There is, for example, no grinding, no rolling, no stickiness, no mess, and no clean up. Most vape products, in fact, are plug-and-play, meaning they are ready to use right out of the box. The act of vaping itself, moreover, is generally odor-less (or aroma-less, depending on how you look at it!), making it much more discrete and accessible. Perhaps most importantly, vaping means no inhaling of toxic carcinogens from burning bud.

Similarly, many vape setups are small, unobtrusive, and easy to travel with (please, no crossing state lines though!). Discretion is helped tremendously by the lack of resulting odor and smoke. At the same time, inhalation of the vapor is reminiscent of the good ol’ days – just rollin’ Js, kush lovin’ – without any of the negatives (smell, smoke, mess, etc.).

Collective Supply carries a broad selection of vaporizer hardware and other vape products. These include the most-widely used 510 thread-style cartridges and batteries, as well as higher-end, more contemporary magnetic pod-style cartridges and batteries. Sold individually or in combination with each other, these cartridges are filled by the manufacturer or processor with high-potency concentrate oil and sold through dispensaries. Cartridges are generally replaced and not reused.

For those looking for a more intense cannabis experience, Collective Supply also carries a number of different concentrate vaporizers, e-nails, and concentrate rigs (as well as attachments for these). These products are used to consume separately purchased cannabis concentrate – shatter, wax, butter, sugar wax, resin, etc. Finally, for those who do not want the high potency of concentrates or the carcinogens in flower or pre-rolls, consider the selection of dry herb vapes. Similar to ordinary vaporizers, these also use high heat (but no fire) to vaporize its contents, specifically flower.

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