Twisty Blunts Have It All and We Can’t Stop Talking About Them

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Some prefer rolling papers. Others like packing pipes, loading up a bong, or puffing on vape pens. Now cannabis lovers have Twisty the Glass Blunt to add into the mix, bringing the favorite features of all smoking devices together into one clever unit.

The screw insert easily twists out ash for a continuous cherry, so no more scraping out bowls with toothpicks and bobby pins. The cylindrical glass tube takes the place of joint papers and blunt skins, which means less chance of litter out on the trails. And like the convenience of vape pens, the Twisty Glass Blunt’s sturdy and compact shape makes it easy for outdoor enthusiasts to carry.

You know those hits that burn? ThieTwisty Glass Blunt take care of that too as the smoke has a longer path to travel up the spiral screw, cooling it down for a smooth, clean hit.

With 1.5-gram storage space, adventure seekers can pack for a full day of smoking freely at ease. Imagine hiking to your favorite viewpoint for a toke; you could choose to keep burning it down or replace the cap for a hit at the next vista.

The Twisty Glass Blunt just might become everyone’s new favorite piece. For dispensary owners looking to stock up, there are a few different brands out there now to choose from. The most affordable option we found is the V12 Plus Twisty Blunt. Not only is it the least expensive, but it’s also the most universal as it fits into any size water pipe. V12 even came out with a bubbler kit that includes the Twisty Blunt. This thing really does check off all the tricks of the trade, satisfying bong and bubbler lovers too.  

To load up the blunt tube, grind up your dry herb into a shallow dish. Remove the screw and scoop the flower up with the open end and tap down on the cap end to maximize capacity. When it’s filled, slowly twist the screw down into the center of the tube and you are set for your next outdoor journey.   

Excuse us now, we’re about to pack it up and get twisty with it. Pick your poison here and decide for yourself. 

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