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Ten years of Cannabinoid products and supplements. Everything we use, nothing we don't. 

Given the role we play serving the cannabis and hemp industries, over the past 10 years we have certainly seen and experimented with our fair share of CBD products. As you may expect, we've also developed some opinions about many of these products. For example... does the product actually work? You would be surprised some of the products that we've come accross (or maybe you wouldn't).

Naturally, over time we began weeding out the BS, developing our own idea of what we thought possible and eventually begfan fins  found some products we really love that many of us have incorporated in our own dailly lives.We then thought it would be fun, and potentially very useful, if we could organize those opinions and ultimately share them with all our customers in the form of a curated product offering.

So this is the beginning of exactly that. We have a long way to provide the first-hand details that we know could be quite helpful in personally navigating the consumer cannabinoid market- the products that make the list are required to meet only one standard, someone within the Collective Supply family has incorporated