5 Dram Pop Tops

5 Dram Pop Top Containers

These certified child resistant 5 Dram Pop Top bottles are an easy, convenient, and secure way to store or package cannabis products.

Newest addition to the pop top family

The newest addition to Collective Supply’s pop top family, the 5 Dram Pop Top is the cannabis industry’s preferred choice for packaging up to 1.5 grams of flower. Because it is both small and child resistant, the 5 Dram provides discretion, while also keeping your business and your customers compliant with various state regulations regarding packaging standards for cannabis.

Need your labels applied?

We also offer label application services for the 5 dram pop top bottle as well as many other child resistant cannabis packaging containers. Increase efficiency and have your pop top bottles arrive pre-labeled and ready to bag and tag.

Although this vial is small, is provides enough space to make it your own, and is easily customizable via direct print or labeling. If you are interested in customizing your bottles, send us a message. OR, if you simply prefer to speak with a human, call us at 877.420.5636.


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