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CUSTOM PRINTED MYLAR BAGS are one of, if not the, most economical optionS available when talking about compliant cannabis packaging.

Our Mylar Printed Bags:

XIT® mylar bags are certified child-resistant (single serving or single use, “Initial CRP”) and are OLCC-approved. They are, therefore, suitable for use in regulated markets (but check your local regulations). To activate child-resistance, simply heat seal above the zip closure and below the tear notch. As a bonus, mylar printed bags are also tamper evident due to the heat seal.

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Current packaging requirements in most regulated markets require packaging be some combination of the following:

  1. child-resistant
  2. tamper-evident
  3. opaque
  4. resealable child-resistant.

Some markets require that individual product packaging must have these features, while others only require products leaving a retailer be secured in exit packaging with these features. Whichever combination your market requires, there is a full print mylar custom bag suitable for any need!

Printed custom mylar bags offer a large, highly visible canvas that is often the single most influential piece marketing a company can deploy. This statement has even more weight to it when applied to the cannabis industry and the limited marketing / advertising opportunities available.

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Custom Bags


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