Gen 2 Locking Bags: A Sure-Fire Way to Stay Compliant

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The current cannabis packaging requirements in California and most legalized states establishes first and foremost that all cannabis products should be placed in a “resealable, tamper-evident, child-resistant package.”

Exit packaging, the packaging required by dispensaries to hold after-sale cannabis products, can save many dispensaries trouble if the product’s point-of-sale packaging does not meet these rules so that every patient, or recreational user come 2018 in California, may leave a dispensary with properly sealed packaging.   

As January 1, 2018 approaches, these requirements may be redefined further, but for now, a safe bet for dispensaries to ensure compliant packaging is with Collective Supply’s Gen 2 Locking Bags. The opaque exterior and press-and-slide zipper fulfill these needs and meet ASTM and CPSC child-resistant standards. Even if the point-of-sale’s product packaging fails to meet the current rules, dispensary owners can rest assured that what leaves their shop is child resistant when they place their after-sale product in the Gen 2 Locking Bags.

As a rule of thumb, all dispensaries and cannabis brand owners should check their state’s packaging requirements. Refer to our post on finding specific cannabis packaging rules in your legalized state.

See California Business and Professions Code 26120 for the most recent and complete information on packaging and labeling rules in California.


Gen 2 Locking Bags

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