child resistant push and turn bottles

If you’re looking for a child resistant packaging option that combines the sleek appearance of our pop top bottles with the push down and turn mechanics of our reversible top vials, then Push and Turn Bottles are the ideal packaging solution for you. These vials have a two-piece cap that meets all child resistant specifications. They are made of BPA-free and medical grade polypropylene. Push and Turn vials keep contents fresh with a safe and simple design making it the best choice for child resistant packaging needs.

These bottles fit any of our pre-printed State Compliant Labels, and are also available in a range of sizes for any amount of flower you may need to package. Additionally, these bottles have ample real estate for customization and branding via labeling or direct print on the cap and/or the bottle itself. Send us a message for a custom quote and a team member will respond within 24 hours. If you prefer to speak with a live human, CALL US!


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