XIT® Child Resistant Pop Top Bottles

Pop Top Bottles have become a cannabis packaging commodity. Pop Tops are the most popular child resistant container chosen to package cannabis products. Poptops are a convenient and compliant CR packaging option for your dispensary or cannabusiness.

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Among our most popular products is the XIT Brand Pop Top Vial. XIT pop tops are CPSC certified and meet ASTM standards. These pop tops are only produced using high quality, FDA-approved  raw materials.  The XIT Brand Pop Top bottle ensures the freshness of marijuana flower. 

Just to be crystal clear:

Collective Supply’s pop top containers have been successfully tested for the requirements for child-resistant packaging. Provide your customers a high quality marijuana container that is child proof, easy to use, and cost-efficient. (See our recent blog about Pop Tops for additional information about the child resistant testing XIT pop tops have successfully completed.)

Pop Top Containers are designed to store medical and adult-use cannabis.  They can be used to store  marijuana flowers, concentrates, and edibles secure and legal. Pop Top Bottles come equipped with an airtight, attached lid to make staying in compliance as convenient as ever.  The attached lid makes storing large volumes in order to save on cost possible at most dispensaries or cannabis business. 

Additionally, these “do-it-all” child resistant cannabis containers are the perfect size and shape for automated labeling or printing direct.

•XIT Brand Pop Top Vials are available in both opaque and transparent.
•All pop top color options are offered in 6 convenient sizes.
•All in stock poptops ship FREE and SAMEDAY with just a $500 minimum order.