Exit Packaging and Barrier Bags

As more and more regulated markets open up, the role and importance of exit packaging has increasingly come into the light. As a result, Collective Supply carries options for many different products and situations in various styles, colors, and sizes. Whether you need compliance or convenience - or both - Collective Supply is here to meet those requirements.

By and large, exit packaging requirements are a function of product packaging requirements. Sometimes, only the product must be in child-resistant packaging. Other times, exit packaging must be be child resistant precisely because the product packaging is not. Then, yet other times, it may be both or neither!

Overall, markets that require child resistance are best served by the Pinch N Twist bags and mylar bags. The difference is that mylar bags are certified child-resistant only for single serving purposes (i.e., not resealable), whereas the Pinch N Twist bags are resealable child resistant (each time the package is re-closed, it retains its child-resistant properties). Other markets, like California, only require products to leave a retail location in opaque packaging, because all of the products within it are already packaged in child-resistant packaging. In this case, all of the barrier bags that are opaque will be compliant, including the cost-efficient RX paper bag (which looks best custom branded!).

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