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These medical grade wholesale glass jars with lids make the ideal Glass Storage Containers for your cannabis and cannabis products. Borosilicate glass and original glass jars have quickly become an increasly popular choice in regulated markets. Glass jars or glass storage containers are the preferred curing jar or preservation container for dispensaries, collectives, growers and consumers . Airtight  jars, glass smell proof  containers simply provide a better storage enviroment for cannabis allowing it to continue the curing process and extend the shelf life. In addition to glass jars with lids, Collective SUpply now offers those same glass jars with child resistant lids.

Shop premium, crystal clear borosilicate glass jars. Premium borosilicate glass jars are easily tailorable to tyour brand due to the variety of materials of airtight lids. Premium lids including bamboo lids, metal lids, stainless steel lids, plastic lids, clear plastics lids, cork lids and even silicone-cork combination lids. All premium lids are airtight and fit their respective glass jar like a glove..  or the cost-efficient orginal glass bottles, and for the real professional try storing your product in the pinnacle of curing jars – Dark Violet black glass jars…O, and they are child resistant to boot. 


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