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Barrier bags have a diversity of roles in cannabis, from product packaging to exit packaging, child-resistant packaging to opaque packaging. Collective Supply carries Barrier Bags for cannabis and cannabis products in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors to meet all needs. Barrier bags have traditionally been very popular as product packaging for flower.

Current packaging requirements in most regulated markets require packaging be some combination of the following: (1) child-resistant; (2) tamper-evident; (3) opaque; and (4) resealable child-resistant. Some markets require that individual product packaging must have these features, while others only require products leaving a retailer be secured in exit packaging with these features. Whichever combination your market requires, there is a barrier bag suitable for your needs!

If your market requires child-resistant packaging, look at the Pinch N Twist bags and mylar bags. Mylar bags, on the one hand, are certified child-resistant for single servings or where resealability is not required; on the other hand, Pinch N Twist bags are resealable child-resistant. Mylar bags are also a great choice for simple tamper-evident packaging. Need a refresher on your market’s requirements? Check out our blog to look for your market’s current cannabis packaging rules.

In terms of exit packaging, some markets will allow products in non-child resistant packaging to be sold so long as they leave the retailer in a child-resistant container. In this case, many choose to use the Pinch N Twist bags, which conveniently come in multiple sizes. Alternatively, other markets only require opaque exit packaging (since the product packaging is already child-resistant, such as in California) and all type of barrier bags are compliant, but RX Bags are a particularly cost-efficient and professional means – especially when custom-branded.

More broadly, barrier bags are the most customized and most easily customizable cannabis packaging product. Send us a request for a custom quote and a team member will respond within 24 hours, or if you prefer to speak with a live human, CALL US!



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